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procps: Is it Essential?

G'day All,
  I just have received a bug for the procps package saying that as it is an
Essential package then it needs some predepends lines.

I was discussing this on irc (on #debian of course!) and the question came
up; should procps be an Essential package anyway?

procps contains: ps, free, tload, top, uptime, vmstat, w, watch, skill, snice.
(plus of course that rather embarrasing man7.gz :/  )

So what is the consensus, lose the Essential: tag on procps?

BTW, there is a new procps upstream source which I'll package once this issue
is solved.  In case you missed my earlier emails:

  The next procps will not have colourisation support nor POSIX option
  support as it is becoming too difficult to keep the colourisation and
  POSIX patches in sync with the upstream source.  I am trying to keep
  procps a standard package which should mean I can clear off a lot of
  the bugs that it has.

    - Craig
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