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Re: distribute silber CDs of frozen Re: Idea for Debian 2.0 testing process

Igor Grobman wrote:
> >>>>> On Fri, 13 Feb 1998, "GV" == Greg Vence wrote:
>   +> It might be a good idea to use some of our money to make a number
> of CDs
>   +> to be distributed for free in exchange for a promise to test and
> report
>   +> testing results to debian-testing.  This might considerably
> increase the
>   +> number of testers we have, and make hamm as good as it can be
> ;-).
>   GV> Actually, I like the arrangement we have.  You get a free CD
> _after_ the
>   GV> release if you _have_ made a report.  You get the benfits for
> results
>   GV> not promises.  Also, it seemed that the funding of that was from
> the
>   GV> CD manufacturer-distributor.  (Essentially, this was the same
> deal for
>   GV> 'developers' on the project.)
> Well, I like the current arrangement too, but distributing free frozen
> CDs
> would make testing possible for more people.  Some people might not
> want to
> donwload everything using a modem either due to the per-minute charges
> or
> other reasons (although I have no problem doing it).  It would be nice
> if one
> of the CD distributors volunteered to do this :).
True enough.  However, I'd like to see them used by folks that have
already been performing.  This would help reduce the a "disappearing
tester" situation.  (Referancing the disappearing developer situation.)

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