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Re: Uploaded faqomatic 2.506-2 (source all) to master

   The point is that it would only be modified once, when set up.  Certainly
   not any more frequently than one would mount /usr read-write to update it.
   In any case, this discussion is pretty much moot as I've hacked the fom
   file to use /etc/fom.conf in the 2.506-3 release.

   (note, I will consider unhacking it if there is enough demand from people
   who actually use the package)

You could do like I just did yesterday in the autoconf package and
make the file in /usr a link to the conffile in /etc, and handle it in
preinst something like this:

    #! /bin/sh -e
    test -e /etc/autoconf/acconfig.h && exit 0
    test -f /usr/lib/autoconf/acconfig.h || exit 0
    mkdir -p /etc/autoconf
    mv /usr/lib/autoconf/acconfig.h /etc/autoconf/acconfig.h
    ln -si /etc/autoconf/acconfig.h /usr/lib/autoconf/acconfig.h 

Then include the /usr link and the /etc conffile in the binary package
as well.

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