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Re: over 30000 bugs in our archive (!)

Joey Hess wrote:
> Does anyone know why exaclty we have this paragraph in policy? I'm not sure
> what the reason it's in there is for, or exaclty what problems the relative
> symlinks can cause.

Suppose the sysadmin has set things up so that /usr is a symlink to
/specialmount/weirdnfsdir/usrdisk.  Then if you have a relative symlink
from /usr/lib/package/foo to ../../../var/lib/package/foo, it really
refers to /specialmount/weirdnfsdir/var/lib/package/foo.  (I may have
miscounted a .. or two).

The top-level directories are the most likely to be symlinked this way,
I think that is the reason for this policy.

Thus, I think that links from /var to /usr should be absolute for the
same reason as links from /usr to /var.

Richard Braakman

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