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Package formats (was Re: Debian-related advertising on debian-announce)

kaih@khms.westfalen.de (Kai Henningsen) writes:

> bruce@va.debian.org  wrote on 05.02.98 in <19980205043216.15983.qmail@va.debian.org>:
> > Yes, POSIX has a package format.. Tim Sailer has ordered the document for
> > me.
> I have it here. It seems it's following some very different objectives  
> than, say, dpkg or rpm. But maybe that's just my impression. I don't have  
> it long enough to really have understood all the details.
> However, the general idea is to have a directory structure, with both the  
> actual package files and text control files in it, which can optionally be  
> packed up with either tar or cpio.
> Complicated structures - the stuff that Debian does by sorting packages  
> into versions (bo/hamm), categories (base/news/web), and copyrights (main/ 
> contrib/non-free), seem to be handled by putting all the packaged files in  
> the one directory tree.
> Non-interactive configuration is supported. So is installing partial  
> packages, down to single files. And network installs.
> The utilities for manipulating packages are named swask (ask for user  
> responses), swconfig (configure software), swcopy (copy distribution),  
> swinstall (install software), swlist (list software catalog), swmodify  
> (modify software catalog), swpackage (package distribution), swremove  
> (remove software), and swverify (verify software).

That smells like SVR4's pkgadd extended so as not to upset the
non-SVR4 vendors.

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