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Re: Question on becoming a maintainer:

  Zed> When you agree to maintain a package, does that mean that you need to
  Zed> maintain it for both bo and hamm distributions (requiring a dual libc
  Zed> system) or can a person offer to maintain just for bo?

You cannot maintain 'just for bo' for the simple reason that bo is frozen.
Ie, no new uploads unless they are security fixes or some such.

  Zed> Reason is, I've been informed that splay has been orphaned (someone
  Zed> needs to put this on the orphans list?) and I've been considering
  Zed> adopting it, but I use this machine for too many critical things to
  Zed> risk doing a full upgrade to hamm...

You could however do all your work on your bo system, and then do the final
compilations etc on a hamm system such as va.debian.org to which you'll have
access once you're a maintainer.

That being said, it's better to be on because it helps the rest of us to test
/ develop / improve hamm. hamm is actually super stable already. So please
consider upgrading. 

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