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Re: Question on becoming a maintainer:


This includes quotes from a reply I got in private mail that I'm
pretty sure was supposed to have been cc:d to the list as well but
apparantly wasn't. Hope Manoj doesn't get too mad at me if I'm

On 5 Feb 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> Zed> a dual libc system) or can a person offer to maintain just for
> Zed> bo?
> 	It is my impression that maintainers are supposed to upload
>  packages to the unstable distribution be default (stable was frozen
>  many moons ago). Apart from the freeze, we are trying to get 2.0 out,
>  and one of the criteria is to convert things to libc6, which is not
>  possible to do on a bo system 
> 	So, I think that my understanding is that maintainers are
>  required to run a hamm system (are there any exceptions to this?)
> Zed> Reason is, I've been informed that splay has been orphaned
> Zed> (someone needs to put this on the orphans list?) and I've been
> Zed> considering adopting it, but I use this machine for too many
> Zed> critical things to risk doing a full upgrade to hamm...
> 	If it is of any help, my hamm machine has been fully as stable
>  of late as my final bo machine was ...

    Stability isn't the entire issue, since apparantly there are some
things about hamm that make it fundamentally incompatable with certain
pieces of software...  and apparantly splay is one of them.  The 0.2
package isn't even in hamm now (it is in bo) apparantly due to a
dependency on libpthreads which is apparantly broken during the move
to hamm -- and I'm feeling very uncomfortable upgrading right now not
knowing what other programs might spontaneously decide to stop

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