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WNPP and xtrs

I need some advice.

I've been listed in the WNPP for doing xtrs for a couple of months.  However,
I am squeamish about upgrading to hamm, therefore I haven't packaged it.

(The main reason I'm squeamish is because I don't look with anything but
dismay at the thought of hauling all of that across a 33.6 modem link.)

Does someone have a guinea-pig hamm machine for development purposes that I
could use to try to get this out the door?  I want to take a shot at this
before there's a freeze on hamm.

Also, since this has been a point of some contention in the past, would it
be considered a waste of my time to attempt to package it with libc5 for
bo-unstable?  Should I just get my feet wet with libc6 instead?

I guess I should subscribe to debian-mentors as well...

I do apologize for the slowness in doing this (though in all honesty there
probably isn't anyone waiting for xtrs with bated breath), but I'm
apprehensive about screwing things up.

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