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Re: The Sajber Jukebox and KPilot

On Wed, 4 Feb 1998, Joel Rosdahl wrote:

> It would be nice if someone looked into packaging The Sajber Jukebox
> and KPilot.  The Sajber Jukebox is a rather nice GUI for playing MPEG
> music and KPilot is a program for backuping PalmPilot PDA:s.  Both are
> unfortunately Qt-based, and KPilot also needs KDE libraries.
> http://kewl.campus.luth.se/~wizball/jukebox/
> http://www.slac.com/pilone/kpilot_home/mainpage.html

I'll package kpilot if no one else is interested. I am actually quite
interested in packaging it, but I am in the last leg of my thesis and it
may take me some time to put it together, so if anyone else is prepared to
do this under a shorter timetable, please let me know (I actually
shouldn't take anythin on right now, but backing up my PalmPilot using
pilot-xfer takes way too long. If I do not hear from anyone regarding
this, I will begin to package it at the start of next week. Cheers, Colin.

Colin Telmer, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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