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Replacing pgp for use with dpkg

On Wed, Feb 04, 1998 at 11:44:36AM +0100, Christian Schwarz wrote:
> Is there some other crypto program we could use for this then? We probably
> don't need the full functionality of PGP--just a simple system with public
> and private keys for writing and checking digital signatures. (Ideally,
> such a package would not fall under the US restrictions so it could become
> part of "main".) Any ideas?

	The author of qmail has a wonderful and _small_ set of
	programs to do this. http://www.pobox.com/~djb/sigs.html
	However, it's not finished and is *not* under DFSG.
	I am just pointing out what _kind_ of software we need
	-- authentication only, small, fast.
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