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Re: possible new official mirror in the US

On Mon, 2 Feb 1998, James A.Treacy wrote:

> > > come up with ways of keeping track of other mirrors in countries that
> > > don't have states -- like,  for instance,  ftp.london.uk.debian.org vs
> > > ftp.liverpool.uk.debian.org if there were two in the uk.
> > 
> > That would be silly. What country a site is in has some effect on the speed;
> > within a country the location has no effect whatsoever. On the other hand,
> > whose network the site is on makes a difference; something like
> > ftp.demon.uk.debian.org / ftp.xara.uk.debian.org would be sensible names.
> > 
> This makes a lot of sense. Given the practical problem that only a very small
> percentage of people would be able to take advantage of it (due to ignorance)
> negates its benefit though.

Why not using 2 naming schemes at the same time then?

ie, each new mirrors get both aliases
and ftp<number>.<town>.<country>.debian.org

(it would solve the 2 problems mentioned above, but I'm afraid it
introduces a new one: confusion)

Alternative solution:
Someone writes a "dping", similar to Quake server browsers but that would
display the list of debian mirrors sites sorted by responsiveness. _(;

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