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Re: macintosh like virtual window manager

Regarding "Re: macintosh like virtual window manager" of 12:16 -0800
1998-02-02, David Welton wrote:
>On Tue, Feb 03, 1998 at 07:14:50AM +1100, Michael Strates wrote:
>> On Mon, 2 Feb 1998, David Welton wrote:
>> > Hi, I'm curious if anyone has ever considered packaging this window
>> > manager.  Personally, I'd rather not maintain it myself (I'm a
>> > satisfied fvwm2 user:-), but it would be a neat thing to have.  I'll
>> > see if it's easy to package and compile, and maybe pass on that info
>> > if anyone is interested in making a commitment to it.
>> May I please have a URL?
>Oops, sorry about that.  Here it is:
>It compiles fine, although I haven't tried packaging it.

I will try my hand at packaging it.

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