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The privelege of working on dpkg...

While I appreciate that many people are unhappy with the current dpkg
maintenance situation, if I get another damn mail from someone trying
to tell me that dpkg has more important issues than gettext or similar
foolishness, then the project will have to find someone else to do
this dpkg work, because I have better things to do than listen to
backseat drivers.

Polite messages that don't summarize _my_ issues as "blah blah blah",
perhaps instead opting to point out specific important bugs (with
patches would be nice:-) or things that might easily be fixed are as
always deeply appreciated.

Michael Alan Dorman               |     E-Mail: mdorman@law.miami.edu
Network Administrator             |             Phone: (305) 284-2463
University of Miami School of Law |               Fax: (305) 284-3753

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