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Re: possible new official mirror in the US

On Mon, Feb 02, 1998 at 01:21:18PM -0500, Will Lowe wrote:
> > or	ftp.ca.us.debian.org	(i.e. Include the state in the fqdn)
> This makes the most sense.  We're going to end up with some longer fqdns,
> but who cares,  really?  The only concern is that we might then have to
> come up with ways of keeping track of other mirrors in countries that
> don't have states -- like,  for instance,  ftp.london.uk.debian.org vs
> ftp.liverpool.uk.debian.org if there were two in the uk.

	It might be good to prefer the use of local abbreviations, and not
	resort to full names unless necessary. Shorter fqdns are nicer. E.g.
	in Finland most big cities have three-letter acronyms (and the scale
	is ok for Finland, too).

	But, whatever you do, consider this: make {www,ftp}.XX.debian.org
	have multiple IP-addresses, one for each mirror (as long as its 
	reasonable). That is, when you get more localized mirrors, do not
	remove the www.<country>.debian.org, but just add A records to it
	- and multiple A records share the load with the servers.
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