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possible new official mirror in the US

As most new requests to become official mirrors (both ftp and web)
come to webmaster, I have been helping set them up (see
http://www.debian.org/mirror.html for details).

I just got a request for a new US mirror. Luckily, we have
ftp.us.debian.org available as it currently points to the same machine
as ftp.debian.org . By pointing ftp.us.debian.org at the new site
it will make us more reliable by giving us a backup site in the US
should ftp.debian.org go down (ftp.debian.org is in Georgia,
the new machine is in Michigan and both have good connectivity).

Anyway, as this has an affect on peoples connection to Debian
I thought others would be interested in this.

Some day it would be a good idea to have a mirror in California
since we have a lot of users there. If anyone has ideas on how we
should name multiple machines in a country I'd appreciate hearing

- Jay

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