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Intent to package: tclhttpd (Tcl-based WWW server)

I'm thinking about packaging tclhttpd, a lightweight HTTP server written
in Tcl and put out by the Tcl group at Sun Microsystems. I guess it
should go into section `web' at priority `optional'. The license is
essentially the BSD license, so I don't think there's a problem with
putting it in `main'.

This is really not meant as a replacement for Apache, but it is a fast
and flexible `hacking base' for, e.g., Tcl-based database interfaces or
SNMP. In particular, it supports an interface to Scotty/Tkined, which
I'm trying to figure out how to package correctly (the interface -- I
know that we have Scotty already). This is not big. Should that go into
a separate package?

There are also some non-essential shared libraries (Tcl extensions,
actually) such as an interface to crypt(3), which is needed for
authentication. These are, of course, architecture-dependent, but the
actual HTTP server isn't, being Tcl code, and it runs perfectly well
without the shared libraries, if one can do without the features in 
question. What would be a good way to express this package-wise?

I'm also looking at the policy stuff dealing with WWW applications. Am
I right in assuming that the server's online docs and examples (which
happen to be HTML pages, Java applets and stuff) should go into
/usr/doc/tclhttpd, and that the actual local WWW content is somewhere
below /var/www?

Finally, the server `program' itself is a Tcl script consisting mostly
of configuration settings and a couple of lines of code that arrange
for the actual server procedures to be autoloaded. Presumably what one
does to get the server configured is to edit this script in the right
places. I think what I will do is break out the configuration stuff,
put that into a file /etc/tclhttpd.conf (or some such), and source
it from the eventual /usr/bin/tclhttpd. Is that OK from the point of
view of Debian policy?

Anselm Lingnau ......................... lingnau@tm.informatik.uni-frankfurt.de
A committee is a life form with six or more legs and no brain.
                                                         --- Robert A. Heinlein

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