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Re: libc6-2.0.6-3 breaks multi-threaded programs

Michael Alan Dorman <mdorman@esprit.law.miami.edu> writes:

> rganesan@novell.com (R. Ganesan) writes:
> > A C++ program which is linked to a multi-threaded C++ library and was
> > working perfectly fine with libc6-2.0.6-2 is now dumping core. The funny
> > thing is that the core dump happens in a call to the stdio libary. 
> Did you recompile it?  If not, please try---on the alpha, at least,
> there were some changes to *fix* multithreading so that, for instance, 
> mysql now compiles.  Based on my miniscule knowledge of the issues, it 
> might work if you re-compile, possibly linking with -static -lpthread.

Thanks, that was a great help! I did recompile the program and the library,
but that did not help. However, based on your suggestion I linked the thread
library (/usr/lib/libpthread.a) staticly and the program started working
again! I will forward this information to the maintainer. 


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