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Re: Lobby this, somebody


Thanks for the detailed summary of why Debian does what it does
with the kernel headers.  It really clarifies a lot of things,
and provides a good deal of light (as opposed to the heat that's
been flying around lately).

It still leaves me with one question, though.  If the kernel
headers that Debian is supplying for libc6 compilation are needed
only for libc6 compilation, why are they kept in /usr/src
with a symlink rather than putting them directly in

I could be wrong, and am probably missing something obvious.
But it seems to me that since the headers are now divorced from
kernel sources and only used for libc6 compilation, that they
really belong in /usr/include/linux.

Of course, if I happen to be running the same version of the
kernel as the kernel-headers supplied for libc6, and I
have the source for that kernel version installed, then I'd
be duplicating the headers, but 2.5 MB isn't that much space
on a development system.  And I'd sure be willing to give that
up for the clear separation of the kernel source from the
libc6 include files...

I'm sure I'm missing something here -- what is it?
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