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Re: Netscape binary package.

On Tue, 27 Jan 1998, Luis Francisco Gonzalez wrote:

> Would it be enought to have the postinst script send an email to a
> counter?  Surely, the would want rough numbers, wouldn't they? For
> instance, if I download a copy from one of this partners and then pass
> it on to some friends, the copy would only be counted once although
> there are a few installations. 

E-mailing sounds like a neat idea to me.  Gee, I wish I'd thought of it

Guy Maor told me that he sees 6(a) and 6(b) in the license as a problem. 
I'll reproduce them here: 

6. Distribution. (a) Applicant shall and shall cause its distributors to
comply with all then-current applicable laws, regulations, and other
legal requirements in its performance of this Agreement, including without
limitation, all applicable export laws, rules, and regulations of any
agency of the U.S. Government or other applicable agencies. Applicant
shall ensure the inclusion of appropriate notices required by the U.S.
Government agencies or other applicable agencies. 

(b) Applicant shall use commercially reasonable best efforts to ensure
that its distributors and subdistributors comply with all the relevant
terms contained in this Agreement. The standard Netscape client products
distributed pursuant to this Agreement must be distributed with the
end-user license agreement that is provided with such standard Netscape
client product.

6(a), to me, seems just a reminder of ITAR, the US regulations that say
encryption that isn't pitifully simple to crack can't leave the US.  And I
don't think Netscape even makes a 128-bit-secure browser for Linux (yet).
So 6(a) seems moot to me.  Unless there is something somewhere that says
Iraq and Libya can't have the 40-bit version, either.  In that case, I
guess we're screwed. 

6(b) seems to mean that we would have to make sure downstream Debian
distributors comply as much as SPI complies.  Going by the FTP log scheme,
no, we couldn't guarantee this.  With Luis's e-mailing idea, maybe it
would work.


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