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Package unions

Have you ever thougt of package unions?

There are several advantages of this. Have a look at the emacs package.
It consists of several (compiled) elisp-libraries and the binary. I think
nobody uses all the provided libraries. So they should be packaged in
separate parts, e.g.:


Now you can select every little part, but there are to many for any beginner.
There union-packages get very useful. You can create some unions, e.g.:

emacs-elc: emacs-w3 emacs-doctor-elc ...
emacs-doctor: emacs-doctor-elc emacs-doctor-el
emacs+elc: emacs-bin emacs-elc

A beginner sees (by default) only the package emacs+elc (the toplevel
union-package). But a sophisticated installation programm (maybe Deity) gives
the possibility to select only parts of an union-package.

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