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Re: question about libc6-dev/shlibs

On Mon, Jan 26, 1998 at 02:41:12PM +0100, Christian Schwarz wrote:
> 1. The libc6-dev package installs a funny /usr/lib/libc.so file. Is this
> correct or a bug?

Correct. From the FAQ included, A. 2.7
:{RM} Believe it or not, stat and lstat (and fstat, and mknod) are supposed
:to be undefined references in libc.so.6!  Your problem is probably a
:missing or incorrect /usr/lib/libc.so file; note that this is a small text
:file now, not a symlink to libc.so.6.  It should look something like this:
:GROUP ( libc.so.6 ld.so.1 libc.a )
:or in ix86/Linux and alpha/Linux:
:GROUP ( libc.so.6 ld-linux.so.2 libc.a )

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