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Re: GPLed Netscape for Debian 2.1? :-O


On 23 Jan 1998, Marco Budde wrote:

> That's not the point. To compete with MS netscape must offer a free  
> communicator, because MS IE is free. And they earn their money with their  
> servers and not with the clients (see German c't magazine).

Wait.. By freeing Communicator, they /can/ corner the market, because we
know the best multiplatform browser is Netscape, and not Internet

This bold new marketing strategy perhaps is geared towards getting people
to buy "netscape" style plugins, etc.. If they release the source, it
means they have to maintain Netscape little, we'll do all the work for
them, so they can cut their staff down 50%.

Soon as the source comes out, I'll make a Debian 1.3 package out of it..
hopefully it can be chucked in the contrib section?

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