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Re: Mailing list policy

joost witteveen <joost@rulcmc.leidenuniv.nl> wrote:
> If this is turned into policy, I do hope that debian-devel is still
> a very different list from debian-hamm: debian-hamm would be about
> user-oriented questions in the hamm release, whereas debian-devel
> would be for development related questions (about hamm, or maybe bo
> security fixes or whatever).

I'm not sure that the distinction "user" vs. "developer" is a good
one. Remember that we provide a large number of development packages,
and that our plans have an intimate effect on anyone with long-term
systems administration issues. For example, is a question about plans
for threads support a user question or a developer question?

Or, how about a question about how to change the log rotation policy
so as to prevent the mail log files from overflowing a partition?
Is that a user question or a developer question?

The answer in both of these cases seems to be that these *should* be
user questions because they should have already been addressed on
the development lists.:$

That said, there *is* a problem with too much volume on debian-devel,
but a lot of it is not a topic issue.  Far too many times, I've seen
people raise questions which have just been answered, forinstance.
The only way to overcome this is for each person to accept some
responsibility for resolving each issue (if only by listening).

I wouldn't mind reading so much, if I felt what I was reading was
worth my time.


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