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Re: setuid programms

On Mon, 19 Jan 1998, Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:

> can someone please tell me, why are these programs setuid :
> rcp rlogin rsh ssh man mandb fdmount fdformat write login
> /usr/lib/mc/bin/cons.saver 

rcp, rlogin, rsh, ssh: privledged port for communication
login: so it can actually set your UID when logging you in
write: is actually sgid "tty" so it can write to terminals
man, mandb: are suid user "man" so they can write man's cache files

> maybe each package, that comes with setuid programs should have an
> explanation why xxx is setuid in it's readme.debian ?

Scott K. Ellis <storm@gate.net>                 http://www.gate.net/~storm/

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