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Re: Single source for main and non-free packages

Douglas Bates wrote:
> I have set up packages r-cran and r-cran-non-free for contributed
> modules.  If possible I would like to keep the original sources as a
> single tar.gz file.  I can generate the packages but I am not sure if
> it will be legitimate to have one original source file that generates
> packages in the main distribution and in the non-free distribution.
> Is that ok?

I'm not sure if this has made it's way into the debian policy manual yet,
but this is not ok. All source code in the main distribution must have a
Debian Free Software Guidlines complient copyright. Your choices are either
to put it all in non-free, or to make two separate source packages, one
containing the free files, and the other containing everything else.

see shy jo

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