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Re: Webmin .. ?

> Hello,
> 	I ran across something very cool the other day -- Webmin
> (http://www.webmin.com/webmin/).  It's a web-based system management
> tool, which is capable of doing things like cron jobs and DNS administration.
> The developer has a version for Debian, and I think it would make a great
> addition to make Debian more "user friendly" .. optional, of course. ;)
> I	I'm not sure if it's GPL'd, but if it is, I'd be interested in taking
> a shot at maintaining a package for it.  The only problem is my rather unstable
> living situtation right now .. but that will be over with in a few months.

I was thinking of packaging it too about a month ago.  I contacted the author 
about webmin's license (which is not to be found anywhere), and still haven't 
heard back.

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