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Re: Re[6]: My own libc6 progress, and package adoption drive. Give me an account on master!

On Fri, Jan 02, 1998 at 03:14:31PM -0500, Adam Heath wrote:

> > No, the new package should be named similar to the upstream source but
> > the control file should contain these lines:
> >   Conflicts: mdutils
> >   Replaces: mdutils
> >   Provides: mdutils
> But what if they currently have mdutils selected, and they don't notice that a
> new package called raidtools is there?  I want the package raidtools to be
> automatically installed if mdutils is installed.  How about this?
> Package: mdutils
> Pre-depends: raidtools
> Package: raidtools
> Conflicts: mdutils
> Replaces: mdutils
> Provides: mdutils
> This way, as I see it, raidtools will have to be installed before mdutils, and
> when raidtools is installed, it will deselect mdutils.  Any problems with this?

As I understand this won't work.  mdutils and raidtools contain the
same binaries (ok, a different version though).  Therefore mdutils will
be removed from the archive in favour of raidtools.  Another point is
that Pre-depends are not supposed for this stuff.  It's supposed to
help installing packages that need other packages fully working, even
at its pre installation scripts.





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