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Re: non-hub 10baseT connections

On Mon, 29 Dec 1997, Stephen Zander wrote:

> Thomas Lakofski wrote:
> > You'd be surprised... I described a cross cable to a friend of mine, and
> > told him that he'd have to go and get one made up or get some tools.  He
> > mailed me back 5 minutes later to tell me that he'd got it working. I
> > asked him how, he said he'd pried the cable apart, done the cross (he'd
> > never seen ethernet before, and yet he got it right), and then used duct
> > tape to 'secure' the cable back in the cable end. It worked, and it still
> > does.
> OK, then, which two wires need crossing?

(the short answer being 1<->3 and 2<->6)

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