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Re: Work-Needing and Prospective Packages for Debian GNU/Linux

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Kostecke <steve@stasis.kostecke.net> writes:

    >> Steve, you can have it, if you like; I learned from
    >> repackageing it, perhaps you'll get something from it too.  Let
    >> me know.

    Steve> All of this for such a small package...  If you've already
    Steve> done the work you might as well keep it.  Please forward
    Steve> the first part of this message to wnpp@debian.org and tell
    Steve> them you are adopting the package from me.

 I'd rather just let you take it.  You can ftp a tarfile of it from:

 (please, Steve only.  This ISN'T a public server. It's my home computer.)

 wget ftp://bittersweet.inetarena.com/pub/linuxlogo{-deb,_1.0.orig}.tar.gz

 ... this is everything for the debian package, and the original
 pristine sources (I assume.) that I got from ftp.debian.org.  I'll
 leave the line on so you can get it; don't expect blazing speed, it's
 across a 33.6 from the net.

 The last release I made has an error.  I missed installing the rcN.d
 symlinks, so it doesn't get run on startup.  I hope you can fix that.

 I've added an icon and a menu entry, along with a wrapper script so
 there's now a Games/Toys menu that will display the penguin.

 I tried to put this under CVS, but it's not working.  It causes cvs
 to dump core.  I think it's because the files got created under DOS,
 and all have ^M line endings.  I didn't convert it because it would
 change every line of every file, and the diff would be twice as big
 as the pristine sources.

 Have fun, I hope you learn a lot from this.


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