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Re: Taking over production of emacs20 package.

Rob Browning <rlb@cs.utexas.edu> writes:

> For .el files like debian-changelog-mode.el that are generic enough
> elisp that they should work with any emacs (19, 20, or x) we need a
> shared directory or something.  The only problem with this is that
> when the files are byte-compiled there's a naming conflict since at
> least xemacs and GNU emacs don't speak the same byte-code right now.
> Because of this foo.el would need to produce two (or three) .elc
> files, one for each emacs.

Forget about byte-compiling these files, it only complicates things
more than necessary. If elisp files should be compiled in a postinst
script, then which postint script should do it? What is installed
first - dpkg-dev or emacs? In addition, an otherwise portable elisp
file becomes unportable when compiled. 

There is no need to require that a file like debian-changelog-mode.el
is compiled. If the user wants such a file compiled he can do it
himself and put the compiled file in a /usr/local directory.   

Large elisp packages, like auctex or vm, are either included in the
emacsen, or specific for GNU or XEmacs, thus they are already compiled 
in the package. 

The most important thing is that the shared directory issue is solved, 
and this is best done by not compiling elisp files from packages
otherwise unrelated to emacsen.

- Sten Anderson 

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