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Re: revised proposed solution (was Re: Bug#15859: libc6 in stable is horribly broken)

'Remco Blaakmeer wrote:'
>On Sat, 13 Dec 1997, David Engel wrote:
>> Definitely not!  libc5-dev implies that libc5 is the default
>> compilation environment installed in /usr/include.
>Sorry, I must have been half asleep when I wrote the above. libc5-altdev
>doesn't have to conflict with either libc6-dev or libc5-dev because it is
>designed to live together with them.
>But if a non-conflicting libc6-dev and libc5-dev were installed, which
>would be the default? If I would write a simple 'hello world' program and
>$ gcc hello.c -o hello
>then which libc would 'hello' be compiled against?

Since libc6-dev conflicts (and provides) libc-dev, you won't be able
to install libc6-dev (until you make the commitment to install the
altdev packages).

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