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Re: status of bzip

On Thu 11 Dec 1997, Guy Maor wrote:
> Andy Guy <awpguy@acs.ucalgary.ca> writes:
> > It is different becuase the lzw patent holders (HP?) have given a
> > general license for non-profit use of the patent.
> That's true.  It's Unisys that holds the patent, btw.
> The patent on bzip is moot anyway, as bzip2 does not have any patents
> on it.  It should go to main.  I think we should discourage the use of
> bzip by not having it in the archive.  Someone mentioned that there
> was a bunzip which could go to non-free?

I started this thread, and mentioned that there is a bunzip-only source
available. I suspect that that will also have to go into non-us, if the
original bzip also had to go to non-us due to (silly) US patents.

I'll contact the author of bzip / bunzip / bzip2 to see what the
problems with patents were exactly, to determine where bunzip might go.
I'll report back here.

By replacing bzip with bunzip, and also offering bzip2, we should be
able to limit the further use of bzip.

Paul Slootman
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