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Re: Why does gcc no longer link .sos with -lc by default?

> The difference seems to be that the gcc on the alpha is linking in
> -lgcc -lc -lgcc, where gcc on the i386 is just doing -lgcc twice.
> So which is right, and if it's the i386, since moving to gcc-
> isn't an option for the alphw, does anyone know enough about specs
> files to be able to suggest what should be done about the alpha
> setup?

The difference is just in the specs, I guess. In the i386 version,
there's something like 

  %{!shared: ... %{profile:-lc_p} %{!profile: -lc}}

I.e., libc is only linked if -shared is not given. Basically the same
thing is done for m68k and sparc. So I guess that is what is intended.
Don't know why the -lc isn't ommited on the alpha.


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