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Re: pentium specific packages

> How about a binary-pent directory with symlinks back to binary-i386 until
> a package is uploaded.  Then we need to tell dselect(ftp) to get the
> packages from binary-pent instead of binary-i386.  Is there an easy way to
> do this?  (Also, if pentium clones also work with the ecgs compiled
> packages, maybe i586 is better than pent.)

please : no symlinks to something.
we have good tools (dselect, dftp), that can take care of the directory
structures. symlinks only make everything bigger and confuse people.
symlinks are convinient, but using dselect, dftp, deity or some other
tool can be more convinient. and all these can or could work without symlinks,
as the file location is listed in the Package file.


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