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Re: majordomo and exim

On Sat, 6 Dec 1997, G John Lapeyre wrote:

> 	I ended up having so much trouble that I switched to sendmail.  I
> received a message that the latest exim now understands -ooe  .

you mean -oee ?  That means that any errors are forwarded to
the sender (seems like it means the address in "Sender:" header).

> 	There were many other problems, and I didn't need to find out how
> many.  I am giving up.  If anyone wants a more detailed list of what I've
> found so far, let me know. 
> 	1. when including an address file, exim wants commas for
> separators.  majordomo uses none.

Didnb't experience it.

> 	2. exim wants a gid and uid to run 'custom' delivery processes,
> such as majordomo. You could use the 'local_part' variable, but  this is
> 'majordomo' which is an alias for a pipe to a process, and not 'majordom'
> which is the user name with a gid and uid . I don't know a robust way to
> fixthis, but its probably easy.

.../majordom/wrapper must be installed setuid root.  So it doesn't
matter what uid you give it,  I just uncommented the default "user =

> 	3.  All of the sendmail flags in the standard majordomo config
> file broke exim, so I simply removed them.

Well, when I install majordomo to the end, I'll tell you what problems
were there.


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