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Re: Postilion Package

On  5 Dic, tdale@okstate.edu wrote:
> Dear Debian Developer World,
> I have made a debian package for the mail program Postilion.  I then
> read that one should post ones intentions here so as to avoid a
> duplicate effort.
> So is anyone else working on a debian package for the mail reader
> Postilion.  If not I intend to.  I have also mailed the author asking
> for his approval.

Yes, me. I would have put the package out some time ago, but the author
asked me to wait until a more stable release (like 0.8a) was released,
and I did just that: I waited. If you want the package is your, just
make sure to build it with my lastest release of tkstep 8.0, that
is much faster than tkstep 4.2.

Ciao and good work.

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