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Re: Intent to package: umich-ldap / WNPP: Dermot Bradley probably not maintaining packages

Dermot John Bradley wrote:
> > I think Dermot Bradley isn't actively maintaining packages.
> As for the current state of my packages (and proposed packages):
> - libgd & libgd-dev: trying to figure how to build got libc5 and libc6
> versions using debmake - any help welcomed.
> - mrtg: depends on me first finishing libgd and libgd-dev

I hope you don't mind, but I released libc6 versions of libgd and mrtg
yesterday. I was just going on what someone said that you seemed to have
stopped maintain packages. The new packages have my name on them as
maintainer, and they use debhelper instead of debmake. You might just want
to throw out my changes and start over, on the other hand, you may find my
changes useful. In any case, I didn't mean to ursup your packages - I
thought you were gone, and I expect you'll take them back over..

see shy jo

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