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Re: Linking (ld) problem with package.

Stephen Zander <srz@mckesson.com> writes:

> Using libelfg0-dev seems like the likeliest sucessful approach. I'll
> play with it on the way home tonight (I hope) if I can find my ELF
> reference docs.

Oh, don't go that far.  If ld (or some other standard tool can't
handle this) I'll just figure out some other way to deal with it.

I think I can restructure the make process to get access to the .o
files earlier.

Thanks, though.

Rob Browning <rlb@cs.utexas.edu>
PGP fingerprint = E8 0E 0D 04 F5 21 A0 94  53 2B 97 F5 D6 4E 39 30

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