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Re: libc5

Michael Meskes wrote:
> How come this packaged hasn't been updated for a while. Since H.J. Lu is
> adding more and more libc6 compatibility changes I think it makes sense to
> stay up-to-date with libc5, too.

I haven't heard anything from Helmut Geyer in months, except for a
message on Sep 24 saying he was back.  (Apparently he wasn't).

I think it is time to officially orphan his packages, so that they can
find new maintainers.

As far as I can tell from the Packages files, this is his current list
of packages:

Source glibc: (already taken over)
  libc6-pic, libc6, libc6-dbg, locales, libc6-dev, timezones, libc6-doc

Source procps:
  procps, libproc-dev, xproc

Source libc:
  libc5-altdev, libc5, libc5-altdbg

Source fortune-mod:
  fortune-mod, fortunes

Package ghostview
Package lacheck   (needs conversion to libc6)
Package chos
Package auctex
Package xxgdb

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