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Re: Uploaded tnt_1.1a3-1_i386.deb to master

	I just saw a package being announced on debian-devel-changes,
 namely, tnt. I did not see it being announced as intended to package
 (I may have missed it, in which case I apologize); I think that this
 was now policy? In any case, that is a trivial thing compared to what
 I say next:

 * Modified source code to fit FHS and compile on libc6

	The libc6 is good; FHS -- is not so very good. I thought we
 are holding off on the FHS until after 2.0 is released? (This could
 have been something clarified on the intent to package discussion).

	What exactly does this mean? What was done to make it conform
 to FHS that would contravene FSSTND (and hence current policy)? I
 think the move to FHS should be taken as an concerted effort, not
 piecemeal, package by package.

	Should this be moved to the policy list?

 who hopes he is over-reacting
 : 1.  What is the possibility of this being added in the future? In
 the near future, the probability is close to zero.  In the distant
 future, I'll be dead, and posterity can do whatever they like...  :-)
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