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Re: linux/unix to NT

On Dec  2, 1997, at 14:48, Mariusz Pagowski wrote:
 > Hello,
 > I learned about samba package allowing me to access disks
 > on NT machine from unix/linux.

Rather the other way: you can see your linux volumes from NT (in the
\\linuxbox\path style used by SMB).

 > But does samba allow me
 > to login/telnet to NT machine from linux/unix and run remotely
 > a program on it? If not is there some software which would allow 
 > me to do it?

If you only need to run console apps, there are a few free telnet
daemons that run on NT. Forget anything fancy like trying to run a
graphical app with you DISPLAY pointing to your linux box, though; NT
is not up to the task (unless you pay big bucks...).

 > Mariusz

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