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Re: question

Ben Pfaff wrote:
> "Timo Pettersson" <timo.pettersson@swipnet.se> writes:
> > I'm wondering if I can run Linux on my machine.
> > I have a PentiumII 266 with an AGP graphic-card (Asus 3Dexplorer).
> AGP cards are not yet supported by XFree86.  They should be supported
> in a few months, though, if the underlying chipset is already
> supported.  What chipset does this card use?

It uses the NVidia Riva 128 and SuSE has made a xserver for it (no
acceleration yet though). Have a look at
http://www.suse.de/XSuSE/XSuSE_E.html for more information.

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