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Re: nedit 5.0 questions

On 97/12/02 at 09:13 AM -0600, Mark Edel wrote: 

> > I'm using the debian -2.deb package of nedit 5.0.  The Page Up and Page Down
> > keys don't work.  The statistics line does not appear when it's preferences or
> > default settings are selected.  Sometimes I can't save a file (^S) or quit nedit
> > (^Q) when a caret mark appears instead of the cursor line.
> > 
> > The old debian-smotif package did these things OK.
> > 
> > Any help sincerely appreciated.  Just joined the list so don't know if this has
> > been discussed before.
> Would you mind trying the linux executable from ftp.fnal.gov for comparison?
> You can get it from:  ftp://ftp.fnal.gov/pub/nedit/v5_0/nedit_linux.tar.gz.

I removed the debian nedit_5.0-2.deb package and installed the linux executable.
This corrected all the problems except the Page Up key still does not work.  I'm
running an i586 debian GNU Linux box with all the latest packages from the
/debian/hamm/hamm/binary directory.  Am using the debian packages of the KDE
window manager.

> Where did you get the package?


> -- Mark Edel

Thanks for your kind help. 

Victor Torrico

          ------ Wildflower Hill, Head Waters, Virginia ------

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