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Re: Libc6 progress: 1997-11-23

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>>> Maybe. The CD writing HOWTO suggests that there are some drives that are
>>> supported by cdwrite but not by cdrecord (and vice versa). If this is no
>>> longer true, then dropping cdwrite would be sensible.
>> AFAIK cdrecord currently support a much larger set of writers then
>> cdwrite. And cdrecord has multisession support which cdwrite hasn't..

>How does that contradict what I said? I said that some drives were supported
>by cdwrite and not by cdrecord, some by cdrecord and not by cdwrite. I said
>nothing about the size of the sets that they support.

>It may no longer be the case, of course---maybe recent versions of cdrecord
>have added support for the drives that were previously only supported by

Cdrecord had in theory never less features than cdrwrite-2.0 after I ported it to
Linux a year ago. Cdrecord, however does automatic drive recognition and 
for that reason some "re-branded" drives were not known by cdrecord and could
only be used after hacking the code.

Cdrecord-1.5 introduced a driver= option that allows you to manually configure
one of the drivers if you have a drive that is not explicitely known by cdrecord.
>From this time (about 2 months ago) cdrecord is even in practice able to handle
any drive that cdwrite handles without a need for a hack.

In addition, cdrecord-1.6alpha handles:

	Plasmon RF-4100
	Sony (and the like)
	TEAC (and the like)
	SCSI-3/mmmc (even the Panasonic CW-7502 which has some bugs/deviations from MMC)
	ATAPI SCSI-3/mmc drives
	CD-RW (including blank option)


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