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Re: RFC: New Upload Procedure

Christian Schwarz <schwarz@monet.m.isar.de> writes:

> (2) A few people have suggested to relax the matching pattern for the
> "fixes" tag in the changelog file. I agree that we should consider making
> the patter case-insensitive and allowing white spaces:
>            /fixes:\s*bug\#\d+\(,\s*bug\#\d+\)*/i
> This would match
>     * Recompiled with libc6, fixes: Bug#98765, Bug#98766
>     * Removed `rm -rf /' from postrm script, FIXES:BUG#99999
> but not
>     * Fixed bug#1234 partially
> Comments?

This is an improvement, however I still think requiring the 4 character
Bug# tag before a bug number is clumsy. Searching for the # character
should be sufficient, and is already common in most changelogs.

Thus I suggest:


ie match 'bug' 0 or 1 times, but require #.


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