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Re: Libc6 progress: 1997-11-23

In article <m0xZZuO-001NHbC@night>,
	dark@xs4all.nl (Richard Braakman) writes:

> There were two steps back: something went wrong with sox, and now it
> depends on libc5 (>=

That was due to a new maintainer; the previous one was a non-maintainer
release with libc6. The new maintainer appears to be running a very out of
date system.

I don't think it's sensible for developers to still be running libc5 systems
at this stage; if the only debian machine they have access to is a
production system that has to stay on bo, they should ask for an account on
a libc6 system.

> Alan Bain <afrb2@master.debian.org>:
>   f2c-960717-0         (Old source format)

I might have a go at a non-maintainer upload of this. There's a few oddities
that make it not as easy as it should be but I don't see any major problems.

> Heiko Schlittermann <heiko@lotte.sax.de>:
>   lshell-2.01-8(extra)
>   quota-1.55-8
>   wu-ftpd-2.4-27
>   wml-1.3.1-1
>   sliphangup-1.4-1(extra)
>   exuberant-ctags-1:1.6-1
>   wu-ftpd-academ-
>   dbf2mysql-1.10b-0
>   perforate-1.0-7

The huge list of packages by one author suggests that they are still libc5
because the maintainer either doesn't have access to a libc6 system, or
doesn't have time; they are unlikely to be particularly difficult to compile
for libc6, so are ideal targets for non-maintainer releases.

> Soenke Lange <soenke@escher.north.de>:
>   smail-3.2-3(important)

This really needs an smail user to do it so they can test it.

> Johnie Ingram <johnie@debian.org>:
>   apache-modules-1.1.4


> Stephen Early <sde1000@cam.ac.uk>:
>   cdwrite-2.0-1(extra) (Old source format)

I might have a go at this one, but can't easily test it. 

There aren't many old source format packages left, and we really do want to
get rid of them all for hamm; it's a slightly more difficult job than just
doing a lib6 compile, I'd say about an hours work or more, as you haev to
write the rules file more or less from scratch.

> James LewisMoss <dres@dimensional.com>:
>   xemacs20-20.2-4      (Mixed dependencies)
>   xemacs19-19.16-1     (Mixed dependencies)

Wait until there's a proper libc6 version of libcompface first, rather than
the semi-working version we've got at the moment.

> (orphan):
>   dld-3.2.6            (Old source format)

This is for a.out support---are we going to drop it for hamm? If not, does
anyone have a suitable system to compile it on? (I think there's a binary
that needs to be compiled for libc6, but most of it is a library that
obviously has to be in a.out format)

>   j1-7-7               (Old source format)

The licence looked a bit dubious to me; in any case, the package looks a bit
of a mess and I'm not sure it's worth the effort to sort it out.

> Emanuele Pucciarelli <emanuele@debian.org>:
>   postgres95-1.09-1

Replaced by postgresql I think.

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