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Re: GPL vs. Motif (was: MaintainerDatabase Copyright)

On Fri, 21 Nov 1997 jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl wrote:

> On Wed, Oct 08, 1997 at 07:51:04PM -0600, Erik Andersen wrote:
> > The latest (5.0 Beta) version of nedit works (almost) perfectly with the
> > latest version of lesstif.  I have discussed the Debian Free Software
> > Guidelines with the author, and I talked him into changing the license to
> > be DFSG compliant (Wahoo!!!).  Now he has to convince the Fermi National
> > Accelerator Laboratory Technology Transfer Office to go along with the
> > change.  I don't plan on pulling out my old commercial Motif CD and making
> > any more statically linked versions so there will soon be just one version
> > of nedit.  With luck it will go back into the main distribution as
> > completely free software.
> Erik, I just announced a new LessTif on #debian, and was asked to test nedit
> with it. I did a quick compile, and it seemed to work great. Could you
> please make a libc6 version of 5.0 for hamm/non-free? (or is there any news
> on the license front?).
> Greetings,
> Ray

I saw the announcement this morning, and I was planning on trying the new
libraries tonight.  I havn't uploaded a new version of Nedit, since every
time I have compiled it against the available version of lesstif, it
was far was too buggy to use.  Hopefully, this will fix the problems...
I will recompile the package tonight and see.

On the Licensing front, no real progress.  I've only managed to get
them to make an _extremely minor_ change to their license that does not
significantly enhance their DFSG compilance.  Too bad.  Nedit 5.0 will
still need to go into non-free.  :-(  It is unfortunate, because the
author seems to go along with us, but I guess their legal dept still needs
some convincing.  Perhaps if we arrange a massive campain to ask for DFSG
compliance, we can get better results.  Their license is so close to being
free, I am certain they can be convinced.

Erik B. Andersen   Web:    http://www.inconnect.com/~andersen/ 
                   email:  andersee@debian.org
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