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RE: inconsistent init.d arguments

I think the majority provide restart (kill and re-exec the program).
Reload tends to just kill -HUP the process (just resetting to


On 17-Nov-97 Bdale Garbee wrote:
>I've been really annoyed lately on my laptop with my seeming
>inability to 
>guess at the options to scripts in /etc/init.d.  Specifically, some
>of the
>scripts use 'reload', some use 'restart'.  
>The majority that provide a reload or a restart use 'reload'.  I
>find this
>non-intuitive, since we use 'start' and not 'load' for the normal
>I looked briefly, but didn't find this mentioned in the policy
>documents I
>have.  What's the right answer?  I'd like to file a set of bug
>reports to
>achieve consistency, but thought I'd solicit comments here first. 
>I'd like all the scripts to handle either 'reload' or 'restart'. 
>shouldn't be a significant burden.
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