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Re: That nsswitch.conf problem

>>>>> "Mike" == Mike Orr <mso@jimpick.com> writes:

    Mike> If there is anyone else besides Roman for whom this solution
    Mike> has *not* worked, please email me.

 I was having trouble logging in one day after an upgrade, and went to
 irc.debian.org #debian and asked...  I was told to check
 nsswitch.conf, and to see whether `dns' was on the networks line.
 Turns out that had nothing to do with why I couldn't log in.

 What was going on, I'm not sure.  What I do know is that there was a
 `fetchmail' running that had, with `ps -wauxf', a `formail -s
 procmail' and a `procmail' hanging from it.  The `tleds' where not
 blinking, and I was seeing no incoming mail, which I log from
 .procmailrc to /dev/xconsole where I can watch it come in.

 As soon as I cleaned up the `fetchmail' and its children, and the
 hung login process on the console tty, I was able to log in again.

 So, can someone tell me, in 10 minutes or less, what was going on and
 why that happened?

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