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Re: Political policymaking

Bruce said:
> Uh, which sentence are you disagreeing with?

To spell out myself a little more clearly.

This part, now that you mention it, if we set up a poll it should be worthy 
enough to actually take up the time/effort to do at Debian.  We have the best 
bug posting system around, why don't we try something new.
>>  I would not object to someone establishing
>> themselves as a pollster and conducting a monthly "straw poll" of an
>> _advisory_ nature.

And this part.
>> If it's more than monthly, I think everyone would get
>> bored with it and we'd have poor response.

There are certain people around who would say you disagree with the polling 
idea because your opponent came up with it.  I don't want to agree with this 
because I think you are a better leader then that.

			- Paul J Thompson

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